Success story

How Sónar 2023 relied again on Meetmaps event app for Sónar de Día, Sónar+D and Sónar de Noche.


Highlights experimental electronic music festival

At the end of the event, data and metrics on attendee activity, access control analytics and event app usage could be collected thanks to our Event Management Software.




How was the well-known electronic festival?

Sónar transforms Barcelona into the epicentre of avant-garde music and arts and brings together audiences, artists and professionals from all over the world, attracted by innovation in content and formats on multiple stages.

True to its name, Sónar is a sound detector that tracks and amplifies the present and future of the music scene, hosting and disseminating the most influential artistic proposals of the moment on a global level and acting as a space for the discovery of emerging trends and currents in the arts and their links with science, technology and society.






How do we help Sónar 2023 with our Meetmaps Event App?


Year after year our software has evolved hand in hand with the Sónar festival, adapting new functionalities to the needs and emerging trends of this type of event:


Highlight the most important artists and activities

Thanks to the use of our Meetmaps Event App, festival attendees, as well as the professionals who were present at the event, were able to get to know the artists and the most important activities in a visual and interactive way.

View the detailed agenda of the event

The organiser was able to provide details of the event agendas, both Sónar de Día, Sónar+D and Sónar de Noche, for users and professionals attending all the events.

Set up your personalised diary by marking your favourites

Set up a fully customised agenda by clicking on your event favourites to get a better experience during the course of the famous festival.


Information module

Thanks to the use of information modules about the well-known festival with content about the festival such as location, map and frequently asked questions about the music event.

Exclusivity for Sónar+D attendees

A private login was made for attendees attending Sónar+D, that is, those attending the networking and business part of the event.

Wristband preload option

We enabled a button called SonarCashless to pre-load the festival wristband easily through our event app.

Direct access to ticket purchase

We have set up a direct access to buy tickets quickly and easily, so that you can easily access the venue of the event.

Metrics and analytics

To obtain metrics and analytics on the use of the app, such as the number of downloads, interactions, the number of messages sent, in order to understand the use of this digital tool.


The keys to a Meetmaps Event App for festivals

  • Create a digital experience to inform, connect attendees and collect valuable festival participation metrics.
  • Customise the festival app with your branding to encourage community building and add content of your choice.
  • From the Meetmaps administrator you can set up the app solution quickly and easily.
  • Can be used for all types of events and formats.
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