Organize an innovative virtual event with the virtual spaces

A competitive and feature-rich solution for your company to organize a hybrid or virtual event with a more realistic experience.

Welcome your event with an online and interactive space

Commitment to innovation, bringing attendees closer to reality with interactive virtual spaces

Includes text, video, hyperlinks, and in some cases, audio.

Modeled by advanced technology and graphic design tools.

Adapted to all our solutions and needs of the organizer.

Digital venue to celebrate all kinds of events

Virtual fairs

The perfect space for exhibitors and visitors from one sector to contact other industries of interest, creating business and connections between companies

Virtual exhibitors

Fundamental in fairs, it adds a virtual space with stands of the exhibiting brands

Stand with networking

The booth includes networking options such as chat with the person in charge or video call meeting

Online congresses

A virtual space suitable for meetings between professionals
of a sector to share ideas and present conferences or exhibitions.

Video gallery and documents

It offers a space where posters, videos or documents of interest are exhibited

Sponsors area

Add advertising of your sponsors in your congress with their information

Corporate events

Spaces for meetings, group activities and workshops with the workers of a company or similar

Live interaction

Keep your audience active with group chats, voting and live speaker questions


Increase the engagement and enjoyment of your event participants with missions and challenges

How do we make your virtual event interactive for your audience?

Through the Meetmaps platform control panel you will be able to create your personalized space with the accesses you want


Create an interactive information point where the attendee can see more details about an event space or brand by adding an image and a short description

Link or URL

Add any link to the interactive point, whatever it is, for example, when clicking on the wizard the user is directed to a web page, a streaming link or any other module of the same event

What are the advantages of choosing an interactive virtual space
for attendees?

Check out the benefits of using virtual spaces at your next event, and facilitate connections and business between attendees


With virtual spaces you will bring your attendees closer to a digital experience as realistic as possible


Choose yourself as the organizer how you want your event to look like, something more difficult in face-to-face events


Make your event stand out with this innovative feature and be among the first to put it into action


Thanks to innovative technology, you can take your virtual event one step further in today’s times. Even your hybrid event!


Introducing the complete platform for virtual or hybrid events

Host your event in an online space, private and with your branding, adapted to all screens

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