The event app more complete in the market

Create a special and personalized experience combining all the options that Meetmaps app for events offer.

More than 200 companies and organizations already trust us:

Customize your app with different features

Meetmaps gives more than 25 different modules to adjust your app for every requirement and all type of events.

Keep your attendees informed during all the event.

Generate engagement before, during and after the event.


Give options for extend contacts network.


Motivate your attendees participation with games and missions.

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Focused on our clients they trust us:

“A stylish app with all needed features for provide a digital experience to +5.000 of our attendees”

Nacho Moya

Chief Information Officer, Sonar+D

Two ways to publish your app

Even if you need a speed publishing and economic app or a more complete branded experience, Meetmaps is your solution

Generic app Eventsbox

Meetmaps marketplace available in Google and Apple stores. Most quick and economic format to have your event app and give a digital experience.

Native branded app

If you search having your own app published in stores, native branded format helps to take your digital experience to the maximum. Multiple events in only one app also available.

Take over control from dashboard app

Upload and manage content will be easy and not requires programming knowleadge thanks to our intuitive dashboard app.


Updated content in real time and automatic way.


Easy configuration

Modern control dash, intuitive and easy to manage.

Accurate and real time metrics

Detailed results about event throughout.

Adapted for all type of events












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More than 200 events have used our mobile application

How Meetmaps encouraged co-creation on Barcelona Event Day (BED)

In that 3rd edition atendees work on co-cretaion, a methodology for create new ideas and obtain better results in decision making, new products development […]

How CETT-UB created a digital experience between professionals

CETT-UB, from “Universidad de Barcelona”, organized a interactive day where students, professionals and organizations could use Meetmaps app during all day […]

What does an app bring to your event

Share and communicate in a digital form

Provide networking to your attendees

Contribute to zero paper waste

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Generate engagement and achieve a two-way communication

Obtain real data about your event app performance

Raise sponsors benefits