The complete solution to organize your virtual or hybrid event

An online, private and branded site

Web app platform

Combine all features in different formats.


A virtual stage for streaming presentations.

Private and secure area

Log in to your event using a username and password.

Brand customization

100% custom design with corporate branding.

All what your event must have

Your attendees would have a positive experience with these features and your event will be more interactive and complete

Live chat reactions

Involve your audience in the streaming through live reactions, making them part of the presentation. You will make your virtual or hybrid event more dynamic and less cold.

No more boring events, now you can create experiences!

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Integrate streaming from your favorite platform

Meetmaps platform contains a complete agenda with links to the sessions that will be presented live, making the content available to all attendees.

Group chat, questions and live voting

These functionalities are key factor to use in congresses and virtual events, since participants will be able to freely ask and vote to the expert.

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Online registration

Online registration is the first tool for data collection and essential for the event. This tool allows attendees to register for the virtual event, send preferences and personal information. 

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Give a complete virtual event

Platform allows adding modules for networking and interaction with workshops,
1to1 meetings and virtual exhibitors to make your event exceptional.

Virtual room for workshops

Create videoconference rooms to hold workshops with a small group of attendees, discuss specific topics and exchange ideas between professionals and experts from any sector.

Networking and one-to-one meetings

With Meetmaps platform, creating networking between attendees will be easy through virtual meetings with the Meetings 1to1 functionality that will filter the attendees by the category that the user wants.

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Virtual exhibitors

Generate income with virtual exhibitors at your event or congress creating business opportunities for companies participating in the virtual or hybrid event with an exclusive digital space.

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Other features in Meetmaps software…


Push Notification

Sessions reservation


Contenido y streaming multidioma



Quality and profesional streaming service

We offer a premium service for a quality audiovisual experience.
Our partner will provide you a technical support in the production and in the realization of streaming.

Benefits of a virtual event

Asist from your home or from the office

Join the virtual event from anywhere in the world without having to travel.

Pollution reduction

Prevents attendees from having to go to the same place. This generates a negative impact on society and the environment.

Less cost and logistical complications

No more printing and mailing invitations, selling physical tickets or wasting time looking for the perfect venue.

For audiences of all sizes

Virtual events can reach audiences with a lot of users.