Organize a conference from start to finish and manage a large volume of attendees

Create your online conference from a single platform offering a complete digital experience to your attendees and meeting the needs of your stakeholders

More than 200 companies and organizations already trust us:

Create, manage and control your event from Meetmaps event management software

Start with an informative website for your event and create a customized registration form, including the option of online payments from the same platform

Manage large volumes of attendees from our platform easily and securely and get advanced metrics on your virtual event and user experience

Take a step beyond a webinar and create a conference tailored to your needs, our team of professionals will be on hand at all times to support your project

Focused on our clients

“The warmth, punctual follow-up, responsiveness and attention to detail that his team of professionals never ceases to amaze us. We do not stop receiving congratulations from our attendees and sponsors for the impeccable organization of the events.”

Beatriz Sanz

Communications Director, EchAlliance

Take control of your event autonomously
from our platform

Organize the content according to the characteristics of your event

Create a fully customized agenda for your conference:

  • Categorize sessions by “tracks” or themes.
  • Offer an agenda by itinerary, depending on the type of attendees at your event.
  • Hold parallel live sessions at the same time without any problems.

Oriented to offer the best experience to the attendee

Give your attendees a voice and make them part of your community with interactive features during the live event; such as chat, Q&A, live voting, discussion walls, etc.

Learn more about interactive functionalities

Generate networking opportunities among attendees

Encourage attendees to interact with each other at all times and generate business opportunities. This is possible thanks to functionalities such as 1to1 meetings, private chats, application of search filters in the list of attendees, among many other options.

Learn more about 1to1 meetings

Ensure a great return to your sponsors and exhibitors

Offer an exclusive space for sponsors and exhibitors at your event, with the option of virtual booths from which they can generate leads and meet with interested attendees.

Learn more about virtual displays

The whole event personalized with your branding

At Meetmaps we understand the importance of brand awareness, that’s why our event management software offers customization options in the design of your conference.

Choose the main design of the event

As an organizer you will be able to select the color of the event, add banners and corporate logo, which will be visually present at all times on the platform.

Transfer this image to all stages

The chosen design can be used not only in the virtual event, but also in the registration form, event website, emailing, event app, attendee surveys, among many others.

Virtual spaces, the highest level of immersion and design

Offer the attendee an interactive and visually realistic navigation through this innovative functionality. You will be able to customize each room of your event with the rendering of your choice.

Turn your conference into a hybrid event

These products included in Meetmaps solutions will help you organize secure and COVID-compliant hybrid events.

App for events

Check-in app

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