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How NFT Historic Fest used Meetmaps for first ever blockchain and web3 festival



How was the first NFT Historical Festival?

The first NFT Historical Festival organised by Dada and The Yellow B took place at the Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona. The 3 days of the event were pure NFT art history, with international speakers, and pioneers in the NFT community who we wanted to recognise and understand in order to encourage future innovation. This was not considered a normal conference, but a festival where conversations were held about the value, historical significance and technical, cultural and artistic contributions of the early NFT. The festival will include a retrospective exhibition, workshops and special activities.




 Festival Highlights


At the end of the festival, we were able to collect data and metrics on attendee activity, analytics from our Event Management Software products used to help measure the reach of the festival.










The Meetmaps app for our event was a pleasant surprise for the attendees as it was practical and helped to create community. It is an excellent communication tool and added value to our festival.

Judy Mam


How was the event app used?

The Historic NFT Fest used the event app to promote communication and interaction between attendees, as well as the information sent by the organiser.

The app was customised with the branding of the event, in addition to the provision of different modules with which to have direct access to the information of the event:

Home App

Direct access to venue location content, festival programme with event agenda, speaker presentations and notifications about actions happening at the event.


Presentation of the most renowned speakers of the event and those who were going to present their knowledge on NFT.


Information about the sessions of the event and the different events programmed for the 3 days of the festival.


Presentation and exhibition of those attending the event.


How did Historic NFT Fest manage the access control to the venue?

At Historic NFT Fest we devised a complete ticketing solution tailored to their specific needs:

Unique and advanced software for event access

Thanks to the use of our EMS they were able to generate the registration forms for the event and also the tickets were linked to an NFT and each attendee received their token in the wallet.

Necessary access control devices

The necessary materials were made available to control access to the festival in an easy, quick and agile way to the venue of the event.

Measuring real-time access metrics

Through the administrator controls, organisers were able to observe live, real-time metrics of access to the event.


The keys to an international festival thanks to a Virtual Venue

  • Direct access to the streaming of the event as an attendee from another country, facilitating the attendance of users from all over the world.

  • Programme module to visualise all the sessions scheduled for those days.

  • Visualisation of the speakers of the festival that are of interest to the attendees.

  • The attendees of the event were able to write to each other through the Virtual Venue attendee module.

  • They made several photo galleries, so that the attendees could see the preparation of the festival and share with each other the photos taken during the fest.

  • Recommendations section with different options to eat and visit in the city of Barcelona.

  • In sustainability they uploaded documents about the plans, reports and certificates they have as a community.

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