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“We wished an event app that allowed attendees connect and share knowledge with other participants, and Meetmaps app fulfilled all the requirements”

Beatriz Ibañez

Directora del S2B Impact Forum, EchAlliance

What is a native branded app?

This app modalitty is particularly developed for a specific operating system, personalized with your branding and available in iOS and Android stores.

Native branded app is made for create an incredible digital experience in every event you organize.

With all the featurings included

You can choose all the modules that fit better with your event necessities and activate from control dash the ones you prefer in your app.

The perfomance in your app is constantly optimized due to the app is created for a specific software, and also interface is adaptated to operating system.


Discover Multi events app

Manage all your events realized annually from the same app.

Multi events app reduce store time publishing, due to you only have to publish your app once with your branding and can use it in all your events.

How we develop your APP

Define your design and featurings

Choose logo and welcome image and your event app modules.


Publish your app in stores

We publish your app in Apple Store and Google Play

Upload content in your app

Put all the information in your app from Meetmaps control dashboard

Invite attendees to your event app

Share your app and let the digital experience begins

Do you want to use it in your event?

Native branded app features

Access to your device features
Send and receive push notifications
Quick execution
Multi language
Better experinece thanks to a smooth navigation
Designed with your corporate style and design
Offline performance

Personalization options

Manage and upload your content from control dashboard and information will be automatically syncronized to your app. Featurings can be sorted by importance and Home app modules also.

Searching for a quick publishing app and with no need of programming?

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