Event management software for on-site, hybrid and virtual events

The Event Management Software with the best solutions to manage the attendee experience in a face-to-face, hybrid or virtual event.

Event management software for on-site, hybrid and virtual events

More than 1.000 organizations have already trust us:

Event technology for all formats


Organize a face-to-face event with all the management and planning facilities that Meetmaps offers at each stage of your event or congress.


Combine face-to-face and virtual tools, and reach the entire audience of the hybrid event with interaction functionalities to generate engagement with both audiences.


Take advantage of digital tools to gather the attendees from all over the world, globalize your event and generate an immersive experience.

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All you need for boost your event to the next level

From an all-in-one platform!

Simplify and automate operations

Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

Online Registration

Create custom forms and compile a database for your event.


Onsite Check-In

Generate QR codes for each attendee and perform an orderly access to the event with our check-in app.


Email Campaigns

Send invitations, inform about your event details and create email campaigns, synchronized with your event’s database.



Give your attendees a qualified and structured networking in your event, collecting interests and creating meeting agendas in just one click.


Improve the experience and engagement in your event

Create an event WOW!

Landing Pages

Create a simple website and share essential information and registration with attendees.


Mobile Event App

Give a digital experience to your attendees, with interaction, gamification and networking.



Energize your audience with challenges and generate an automatic scoring system. Available for app and virtual web event.


Virtual Event Platform

Carry out your virtual event from an online and private space, where you can include streaming, interaction and networking sections.


1:1 Meetings

Create multiple meeting sessions and allow attendees to accept or decline requests. Control every detail from an exclusive dashboard.


Lead Scanner

Attendees can scan the contact they have met with and save their details from the event app.


Increase the ROI of your event



Create business opportunities for the companies participating in your event with personalized stands.



Add the ticketing option to your online registration and offer multiple tickets to your attendees to increase their purchasing possibilities.



Give visibility to collaborators and sponsors of your event, with information about their organization. Available in app and virtual web event.


Software for all types of events and sectors

With live interaction, networking modules, scientific exhibition rooms, and much more.

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Exclusive and personalized spaces for participating companies, lead generation and advanced metrics.

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Personalized conference agendas, live interaction and networking between attendees and exhibitors.

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B2B Networking

Create meeting agendas in an easy way and give your attendees a quality networking experience with our matchmaking algorithm. 

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Quick and easy setup, integrated streaming and unlimited attendees for your webinar.

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Focused on our customers

“Meetmaps provided us with an indispensable tool to make the event a success. The warmth, timely follow-up, responsiveness and attention to detail that their team of professionals never ceases to amaze us.”

Beatriz Sanz

Communications Director, EchAlliance

“Meetmaps is our technology partner in the creation of web-app for our face-to-face and virtual events. Thanks to their solution, the attendee can carry the entire event in the palm of their hand.”

Valentina Coppola

Event Manager, GrupoRic


A professional team that will accompany you throughout your project.

The Meetmaps team is committed to providing the best response to the client, with experience in the sector, proximity and personalized attention.

+5.000 events have used our technology


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