How does Global Mice Forums use the matchmaking tool for its event meetings?


What is Global Mice Forums?

Leading 1to1 event planners in the meetings and events industry designed to establish personal connections, generate experiences and create business opportunities across the entire MICE value chain.

Through Meetmaps Event Management Software, the organization has held more than 25 editions in national and Latin American destinations. In this Global Mice Forums success story we will see how they have achieved this success.

Organizational challenges for this event

  • Connect MICE supply and demand in effective 1to1 meetings.
  • Easy to schedule meetings and the generation of an automatic agenda among the most like-minded attendees.
  • Offer a social program that fosters business relationships and team building activities in the destination.
  • Event App with relevant information about each edition and detailed content about each attendee.
  • Training and motivational sessions.
  • Measurement of results during and at the end of the day.

The key solution for holding GMF events: Matchmaking

Through this functionality, attendees can meet with each other with a better organization by Global Mice Forums, since the system facilitates the creation of an automatic and personalized agenda for each attendee through the search of preferences previously managed in the registration form of each edition held.

Matchmaking increases the quality of meetings, as the connections between professionals are more closely matched to the interests of the participants.

As far as organization is concerned, it is much more agile and faster, since meeting calendars are created in a single click.

The matchmaking scheduling system does the work that would take many days to do manually, in a few hours, generating quality meeting agendas.

Andrés Merino

Founder and Director , Global Mice Forums

Other tools used by Global Mice Forums in its events


Attendee list management

Control center to manage registrations, import new guests and have all the details of each attendee registered to your event.

From the same platform you will be able to send mass or segmented emails to the list of attendees.





Landing page

A personalized landing page for each edition with Meetmaps software with all the information of the event so that attendees can have all the updated information of the event.



Email marketing campaigns

The organization creates email campaigns to send content to your attendees via email quickly, easily and on a large scale from the platform’s dashboard.

Thanks to Meetmaps email builder, building emails has never been easier.



App del evento

La organización dispone de una app branded para informar, conectar asistentes y recopilar métricas valiosas de participación a través de esta herramienta.




GMF ofrece a los asistentes del evento networking de calidad basado en sus intereses y perfiles, además como organizadores, ahorra tiempo configurando agendas completas de reuniones creándolas en tan solo un click.



Feedback reunión

Los asistentes al evento pueden enviar feedback sobre cada reunión establecida, para así notificar al organizador sobre las reuniones de calidad realizadas con cada usuario.






Some results

Event after event, data and metrics on attendee and meeting activity have been collected through Event Management Software analytics that have helped to measure the visibility, reach and impact of all events held.









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