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How Marketing4ecommerce used the Meetmaps App and Access for all their events.


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At the end of the Next Conversion event, we were able to collect data and metrics on attendee activity, access control analytics and event app usage, thanks to our Event Management Software.









How was the Next Conversion?

The Next Conversion event is focused on the field of online conversion, in which we have the participation of great experts.

During the Next Conversion day, more than 100 people attended the eight blocks of content divided between the morning and afternoon sessions, with the presence of leading experts in areas such as customer acquisition, loyalty or retail media. All this was accompanied by an exhibition area in which sponsors had their own stand to attend the attendees, moments reserved for quality networking.





How do we help Marketing4ecommerce?


Year after year our software has been evolving hand in hand with Marketing4ecommerce events, adapting new features to emerging needs and trends tailored to your events:

All-in-one platform

By using Meetmaps’ generic software, Marketing4ecommerce was able to centralize and streamline its internal processes easily, without the need to hire more than one vendor.

Registration form, list of attendees & badge builder

The different features of Meetmaps Access facilitate the management and organization of registration and access to the venue for attendees and professionals.

Configure the personalized agenda of the event

Set up a fully customized agenda by clicking on favorites in your event, in order to get a better experience during the event.

Event App & Lead Scanner

Thanks to the use of informative modules in the app about the well-known event with content about the event such as location, map and frequently asked questions about the event. On the other hand, lead scanner allowed attendees to store the professional contacts of other attendees.

Simple and user friendly dashboard

The Meetmaps dashboard is totally intuitive and easy to use, the different modules and functionalities are quickly visualized.

Metrics and analytics

Obtaining metrics and analytics on the use of the platform, such as the number of downloads, interactions, number of messages sent, in order to know the use of this digital tool.

The keys to a Meetmaps Event App

  • Create a digital experience to inform, connect attendees and collect valuable event engagement metrics.
  • Customize the app with branding to foster community building, as well as add content of your choice.
  • From the Meetmaps admin you can configure the app solution quickly and easily.
  • Compatible with all types of events and formats.
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