Speed up your event access with our check-in app

Create an impeccable and digital access experience for you event or congress attendees.

Sync an attendees’ list or integrate it with the registration

Import a list or integrate it with your registration and generate the personal badge for each attendee if needed. Generate a QR code for each attendee that can be available in the app or can be sent to their email. 

Scan the attendees’ QR code

Download our check-in app in any Android device and create your own access control check point. You’ll be able to scan the badge’s QR code or make a manual search to validate the access of each attendee.

Manage the access to your event like never before


Personal QR code

Generate a personal QR code for each attendee that they will use to access the event through their badge or the app.

Check-in app

Download our check-in app on any Android device and validate the access of each attendee scanning their QR code

Check-in dashboard

Control the check-in process in real-time, solve any incident, and add new attendees instantly.

Sessions' access control

With our check-in app, apart from controlling the entrance at the event, you can also manage the access to the sessions and venues.

Badge generator

Generate a personalised badge for each one of the attendees participating and send it through the email or print it onsite. 


Send the personal badge to each attendee by email so they can print it before the event and void generating queues.

Save time and errors with a fully digital system

Remove the stress, the last-minute arrangements and the queues. Set up all the options that Meetmaps offers to personalise your check-in experience and have a good impact from minute one. 

Real-time metrics and reports

Get real-time information about all that is happening and analyze the information of all the attendees accessing and exiting the event or who attends each session and generate reports with that information whenever you need it. 

"With just one software I have all the options to register, validate and control the attendees. I absolutely recommend Meetmaps!"

Diego Casanova Casanova Agency

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